Prayer Flags – 9 inches (PF6)

$ 4.00

Tibetan prayer flags are said to contribute to the peace, happiness and wisdom of every living being. Because of this, the prayer flags are deliberately frayed. They are exposed to the wind and weather. In this way the prayers are to be carried to heaven and distributed in the world.

The five colors are not chosen arbitrarily. In Buddhism the five colors represent the five elements:

  • Blue symbolizes the emptiness of the room and the sky
  • White stands for the clouds, the wind and the air
  • Red is representative of the fire
  • Green stands for water
  • Yellow stands for the element of the earth

In each corner of the flag one of the 4 highs is placed: Dragon (Strength), Garuda (Wisdom), Snow lion (Fearless friends) and Tiger (Confidence)

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