Design Muffler (DM3)

$ 2.50

This design wool muffler is perfect for Winter. It is incredibly warm, which keeps you cosy in freezing weather day or night. These beautiful fibers are hand spun and hand combs for softness and warmth. These are handmade by the local people in mountain regions in Nepal. These kinds of industries are helping local people to empower themselves economically.

Color availability is limited. Please ask to have a photo of the colors we stock for selection when making the purchase. All our woolen products are from Nepal. Nepal is the country of Himalayas, where the suitable environment is present for Yak Wool production. One of the Main income sources for the local communities of Himalayas is Yak Wool yarn production. All Our Yak wool products are Hand loomed by the local people. We believe in fair trade and always look after fair wages and a sustainable environment.

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Weight 0.150 kg
Dimensions 200 × 30 cm