Cashmere Shawl (CS28)

$ 20.00

This premium cashmere shawl is handmade in Nepal. Cashmere is comfortable, warm and durable because it breathes and absorbs moisture and it feels pleasant on our skin. Our products are hand loomed by the local and experienced craftswomen. 

Our scarfs are exceptionally Soft, Warm and Lightweight. Our products are available in various colours and designs which are suitable for both men and women. We believe in fair trade, and we always focus on Eco-Friendly production.

Care Instructions:

Dry Clean or Hand wash in cold water (Recommended) 


Please note the actual fabric colours may vary due to monitor colour depth and make. The colour shown is as close as possible to the actual colours of the shawl.

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Weight 0.245 kg
Dimensions 105 × 75 cm